Womb Blessing and Healing (90 mins)

This is a truly special healing and empowerment which is channelled through the energies of the divine feminine.
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The Womb Blessing Energy is one of Divine Love and the Sacred Feminine to help awaken your Authentic Femininity. A womb blessing ceremony takes place in a seated position.  We commence with a meditation followed by a blessing/ceremony which draws in on the energies of the divine feminine and the Moon.
The blessing is intended to awaken deeper awareness of the divine feminine within you. It will awaken and heal the three main female energy center, clear old patterns and blocks, awaken the ability to love and heal deep patterns of ancestry and past. It will energise the womb center by returning depleted energy and bringing completeness. It will ground you more deeply with mother earth and bring increased self empowerment, self acceptance, peace and love.  It will bring healing on all levels of your being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Each individual’s experience of the womb blessing is unique as the energy heals different areas. The phase of the moon and the menstrual cycle will also have an influence.
28 days after the blessing the energy will continue to heal and release old unwanted patterns that may be physical, emotional or spiritual. You may feel tired as your body integrates the energy changes. It may also slightly adjust the lunar cycle.
All women can receive a womb blessing irrespective of whether you are menopausal or have a womb. Womb blessings can be given once a month (a gap of 28 days between blessings is required to allow the energies to integrate).
You will require two small ceramic bowls for the ceremony along with a tealight and some fruit/flowers.  You can also place an item on the altar for blessing (i.e. a piece of jewellery)

A womb healing will take place lying down fully clothed.  The energies of the Divine Feminine and Moon are channelled for healing.
The healing will focus on the three main energy centres.  The Star centre  which regulates our hormones. The Chalice in the heart centre and the Womb which is the centre of our relationship with the earth and of intimacy, creativity, sensuality and female spirituality.
The Divine Feminine energy works on the physical problems and the emotional patterns that we tend to hold around out hips and belly. The energy works on our female archetypes and the menstrual cycle.  A womb healing can bring balance to a disruptive menstrual cycle and it works with five energy centres within the womb that create a five pointed star.
Please contact Chetna at info@reiki-jewels.com if you would like further information or would like to discuss this treatment further before booking.

Further information can also be found here: http://www.wombblessing.com

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