Sound & Gong Healing (60 min)

Gong Baths and Healings through the sacred energies of the Venus Gong to clear, energise, lift and harmonise all levels of your being. Sound is the major creative force in the cosmos, it stills the lower mind and reconnects us to all that is.
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Gong Healing
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Sound & Gong Healing with Symphonic and Venus Gong, Singing Bowls and other instruments.

The Venus Gong in particular is associated with the third eye (brow chakra) and the associated qualities that it brings through are: Love, Wealth, Relationship, Connection, Balance, Joy, Beauty, Grace, Compassion, Union, Art, Gentleness, Grace, Completion, Abundance, Wealth, Emotion, Comfort, Affection, Self Appreciation.

The Gong is said to promote a deep sense of peace and well-being, strengthening of the nervous system, balancing of the chakras and increased energy/vitality and brings about an inner stillness where deep healing can occur. The gong can help to re-balance and harmonise the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It has a profound affect on the cardiovascular, autonomic, endocrine and immune systems. It is an excellent holistic and complimentary therapy for stress related issues, depression, fatigue, anger, hostility, feelings of separation, loneliness and fear. 

Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto, who calculated the planetary frequencies used in the planetary gongs today, stated that it took 45 minutes to complete a full sound journey. Yogi Bhajan believed that the gong was the most powerful tool for healing, and that this 45-minute gong session would clear any immediate blocks.

Precautions - Pregnancy, gong baths are not recommended during the first and final trimester. Tinnitus, Menieres, Epilepsy or any condition that is sound sensitive or triggered by sound. Metal implants, Pins, Screws the gong can resonate with the metal. Pacemaker the gong bath could change the rhythm of the pacemaker. Mental Health, if you have a serious mental health condition gong baths are not recommended.

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