Zoe Hodgson 3rd generation Joseph Pilates teacher, has created her Method alongside a team of experts with extensive experience from a broad range of fields. Classes for everyone at all fitness levels from beginner to advanced level.

Established since 1992, Zoe is one of the first instructors to bring Pilates to the UK. When she started there were only a few Pilates Studios in London and only a handful of instructors. Zoe was trained personally by Michael King 1994-2008.  In 1982 he opened his own studio, Body Control, in connection with the newly formed Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden London. He is one of the greatest living Teachers in the modern day, trained by Joseph Pilates apprentice Carola Trier and Romana Kryzanowska. This provides an invaluable first-hand link back to the origins of the Pilates Method.

Zoe is a Pilates Institute and Precision Certified Advanced Instructor.  Zoe has worked for many years in back health clinics and hospitals and has studied Anatomy and Physiology at Farnborough University.  Her work and training includes the Red Arrows at Farnborough and teaching for 10 years at Surbiton High School, Claremont Fan Court School and Tolworth Girls School. Zoe trained part of the GB Mens’s Hockey team who went on to win a Medal at the Olympic Games. Zoe’s qualifications include Swiss Ball, Spin, Aqua, Advanced Gym Instruction, Personal Training, TRX & Suspension and Barre Concept.  Zoe has made it her life long work to create her unique Method using the latest research and her experience of what works safely and effectively.

Zoe Hodgson has spent 25 years of her life teaching over 33,000 hours with 27 classes per week. In 1992 Zoe had a serious car accident and lost balance on one side of her body. At the time she was told it would effect her dancing career. After one year of training in Pilates she had improved 100%! This was a life changer.

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