The latest additions to the Reiki-Jewels collections, whether it is healing crystals, stylish jewellery for yourself or your friends and family or tools to aid in your relaxation sessions, we have it all!

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Amethyst Rectangular Silver Pendant
Amethyst helps with feeling more focused, decision making and clears anger, it enhances feelings of contentment, and improves psyhic abilities.
Circular Silver Tree of Life Necklace with Cubic Zircona Surround
Circular Silver Tree of Life Necklace with Cubic Zircona Surround, a symbol of growth, new life and mother earth. 
Large Amethyst Oval Silver Pendant
Large oval pendant with four amethyst stones set in silver.
Large Silver Angel Feather Pendant with Cubic Zircona
This unusual angel feather pendant, a symbol of protection, strength and guardianship from our angels.
Silver Cubic Zircona Feather Ring
he delicate style of this silver feather ring is very elegant with cubic zircona tapered down the sides. 
Silver Round Tree of Life Stud Earrings
Silver Round Tree of Life Stud Earrings, symbols from the Garden of Eden and new life, growth and expansion.
Silver Tree of Life Necklace
A magical Silver Tree of Life Necklace, great for nurturing life, connecting to the soul of the earth and a symbol of growth.