All courses are run by Chetna who is gentle, compassionate and open minded in her approach to her teachings, meditations and healing. She has gathered extensive knowledge and wisdom over nearly 20 years through her own learning and spiritual development.  With an understanding of the challenges we face in the current times she offers non-judgmental healing and support to her students and clients.
Chetna has always been open to learning and practising various mediation techniques and ancient spiritual wisdom through scriptures and the elders that she has been blessed with knowing.  She takes a syncretistic, grounded and balanced approach to life. Chetna is a Master Teacher in many modalities of Reiki including Usui, Celtic, Karuna and Lightarian.  She is also a Moon Mother and practitioner in Reiki Drum, Crystal & Sound Healing and Theta Healing.
Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force Energy”. Reiki is the ancient, gentle but powerful vibrational energy technique of healing. It is a safe, non-invasive form of healing that increases energy, reduces pain, and produces deep relaxation and a general feeling of well-being.



Usui Reiki Course
Reiki is the beginning of a journey towards self discovery, clearing, healing and transforming your energetic being. You will have a period of integration of the new higher vibrational energy following each course and attunement.
Lightarian™ Reiki Course  (All 5 distance Attunements)
Lightarian Reiki offers the highest vibrational Reiki healing energies available at this time. It is also one of the most unique and expanded form of Reiki.
The Lightarian AngelLinks™ (All five Attunements)
The five Lightarian AngelLinks are designed to create extraordinary connections for you with a high vibrational team of angelic beings.
Celtic Reiki Level 1,2 & Masters (Two Day Course)
The Reiki energy mimics the frequency of various trees and plants so as to work in accordance with Celtic wisdom
Karuna Reiki Course (3 Day Course)
Karuna Reiki Levels 1,2 & Master Level. Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means compassionate action that comes from an unbounded sea of love to bring enlightenment. Karuna Reiki® evolved out of Usui and Tibetan Reiki (it was developed by William Rand) and can work alongside Usui Reiki to bring in magnified, stronger and deeper healing energies.
Angelic Reiki Course
Angelic Reiki Course & Attunement. This course will enable you to merge more intimately with The Angelic Kingdom of Light.
Munay Ki Rites Course
Munay-Ki comes from a Quechua word meaning "I Love You". Ki is the Japanese word meaning energy. Combined, the phrase Munay-Ki translates as "the energy of love". You will receive all of the nine rites over the three days as well as learn how to pass them to others.