Corporate/Workplace Meditations


We offer bespoke mindfulness presentations and workshops for corporate clients either onsite or offsite as residential retreats.
The presentations ultimately focus on improved cognitive function, mood, health and wellness through deep relaxation techniques, breath-work and guided meditations that are easy to follow and designed to suit all levels.
Mindfulness meditation is said to improve mood and stress levels. It is also said to improve deep cognitive processing efficiency, core aspects of fluid intelligence such as working memory, sustained attention and long-term memory efficiency.
The sessions are uniquely designed to envelop you into a state of bliss by drawing in positivity and peace.
Having worked as a London city lawyer for over 15 years Chetna understands the pressures of city life and offers a realistic, credible and grounded approach to the mindfulness meditations. The sessions easily integrate into the working week and are designed to achieve a modern day work life balance.
Chetna is a gifted facilitator and has many high profile clients from all walks of life. With a non-judgmental approach to her work she has a well established practice in Richmond. Chetna developed her passion and interest in health and well being over 20 years ago when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then she has trained in various modalities of Reiki and other holistic practices which she also teaches.  
The sessions can be arranged for small intimate groups of 10 people or larger groups of up to 50 - 100 people.  Workplace meditations can be run at lunchtimes or after work as 50-60 minute sessions. Alternatively 2-3 hour deep relaxation workshops can be run or goal oriented residential retreats.  
Please email Chetna Lad at or telephone 07828 905309 with your requirements.