Bracelets & Bangles

We have a variety of beautiful crystal bracelets set in silver.Wearing gemstones/crystals is a highly effective way to promote health and wellbeing. They can boost your energy; clean your space; attract wealth; enhance your intuition; increase mental abilities; boost your confidence; bring abundance; or even attract love.

All our jewellery is charged with Reiki Healing which is channelled to the person wearing it.

Bio Magnetic Bracelet
HALF PRICE PROMOTIONAL OFFER! Beautiful sparkly diamonte bio-magnetic bracelet. Adjustable size and comfortable design to fit all wrist sizes. Health benefits include increased blood circulation, relieves arthritis, balances PH levels in the body and hormone levels.
Blue Topaz Bracelet with Round Gemstones
A sophisticated and glitzy bracelet with beautiful gemstones, in brilliant blues. Sale reduced from £40.00 to £25.00.
Chunky Charm Bracelet With Hearts
Bring a spark of eternity in the life of your loved one with Chunky Heart Charm Bracelet.  Sale Price £50.00 down from £75.00
Rose Quartz Oval Bracelet
Immerse yourself into the loving vibration of Rose Quartz with this lovely bracelet cast in silver. Sale price reduced from £30.00 to £25.00.
Delicate Peridot Bracelet with Round Gemstones
The beauty of Peridot is captured with this high grade facet cut bracelet cast in silver. A lovely accessory for any occasion. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £25.00
Delicate Smokey Quartz Bracelet
​High grade facet cut smokey quartz bracelet with round gemstones cast in silver. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £25.00.
Moonstone Bracelet with Round Gemstones
Moonstone Bracelet. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £25.00.
Iolite Bracelet
A classically designed Bracelet and a great addition to our Reiki Jewels collection of jewellery. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £25.00.
Iolite Rectangular Bracelet
A pretty, chic bracelet, ideal for small wrists with rectangular Iolite stones in silver. Note: this bracelet is for small wrists. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £22.50.
Oval Facet Cut Sapphire Bracelet
This oval shaped sapphire bracelet is facet cut on both sides to enhance the beauty of this gemstone. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £25.00.
Rhodium Round Bracelet with Cubic Zircona
This pretty bracelet is cast from Rhodium with cubic zircona in an elegant circular design. Sale item reduced from £25.00 down to £15.00
Round Facet Cut Onyx Bracelet
Each beautiful Onyx stone is set is silver, pair with our Onyx earring and pendant to complete the set. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £20.00
Stylish Peridot Bangle
Elegant Peridot Bangle in a silver setting, brightens any outfit. Sale reduced from £85.00 to £65.00
Bangle with Onyx
A lovely intricate design silver bangle for any wrist size. The Onyx gemstones are beautifully mounted in silver. Sale reduced from £85.00 to £65.00.
Delicate Moonstone Bracelet
Silver delicate Moonstone Bracelet. Sale reduced from £25.00 to £20.00.
Elephant Design Bangle
925 Silver Elephant design solid bangle. Sale from £45.00 down to £35.00
Flower Design Silver Bracelet
A delicate flower design sterling silver bracelet. Sale reduced from £30.00 to £17.50
Heart Charm Bracelet with Toggle Clasp
A large solid heart charm with a modern design bracelet and toggle bar clasp. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £30.00.
Infinity Bracelet with Crystals
​The infinity symbol represents eternity and everlasting love, perfection duality and empowerment.  Sale reduced from £35.00 to £25.00.
Moonstone Bracelet with Oval Gemstones
Silver Moonstone Bracelet with Oval Gemstones. Sale reduced from £30.00 to £25.00.
Onyx Oval Silver  Bracelet
Onyx Oval Silver Bracelet. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £25.00.
Rose Quartz Pear Shaped Bracelet
Rose Quartz Bracelet. Sale reduced from £30 to £25.00.
Silver Triple Knot Bracelet
Silver Triple Knot design bracelet with Cubic Zircona. Sale reduced from £35.00 to £25.00.
Triple Knot Rose Gold Bracelet
Triple Knot Delicate Silver Bracelet with Rose Gold Plating. Sale Price £22.50 down from £30.00