Add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with our stunning collection of beautiful long scarves with lovely embroidered patterns to suit all occasions. 

Black Scarf with Gold Feathers
Black Scarf with soft fabric and beautiful delicate golden feathers embroidered. Sale Price £10.00 from £15.00
Butterfly Pink Embroidered Scarf
A very beautiful long pink scarf with contrasting coloured butterfly and flower designs. Sale Price £10.00 down from £15.00
Owl Design Grey Scarf
Grey scarf with soft delicate fabric and owl design. Half Price £7.50 down from £15.00
Owl Design Pink Scarf
Lovely Pink and Cream Contrasting colour Owl Design Scarf with embroidery. A lovely soft comforting fabric. Half Price £7.50 down from £15.00